A new Sacramental Program that Eclipses all others.


Australia's newest and best sacramental preparation program is now available.

The Becoming Catholic Sacramental Series completely revised and enriched

Years in the making, and responding to the specific needs of Australian Catholic parishes and schools, the Becoming Catholic sacramental program has been totally revamped to satisfy the needs of today’s young Catholics and their families.
Never before has such attention been given to the specific needs of 21st century learners and their families.

The new and revised Becoming Catholic Program is:

Bursting with vibrancy, colour and real-life photographs

Satisfies the needs of modern children to be fully interested and stimulated

Engaging reading, activities and prayers reinforce the importance of each sacrament and focuses the child and family’s attention on key spiritual elements.

Supported by engaging classroom resources

Visually stunning Sacramental ‘big books’ enable parishes and schools to capture and hold the attention of children as they convey key information relating to the Sacraments as well as sacred symbols and objects.

Totally and uniquely family-centric

The entire program emphasises the importance and role of the family in preparing and supporting the religious development of the child

Provides parents with valuable tools to support their children in receiving the sacraments for both the first time and throughout their lives

Fosters prayer and Christian dialogue in the home.

Much more than just Sacramental preparation

Widens the lens to show children and families how to celebrate, share and most importantly live Jesus’ mission to the world.

Compare Becoming Catholic Sacramental Program with Other Sacramental Programs used in some schools

FEATURES Becoming catholic other sacramental programs
Separate booklet for each Sacrament
Candidate activities included in booklet
Themes explored in the light of children’s own experience of their families
Written specifically for 21st century learners
Parents central to program & strengthens role of parents
Extensive emphasis placed on family prayer time
Family reflection time
Supporting materials for group instruction
Colourful and vibrant with real life photos used to reinforce importance and engagement
Try before you buy!
Review the program before you buy. Check out the features and benefits of Becoming Catholic for yourself. Obtain a Review Pack containing a copy of each Sacramental workbook and the Parents Guide. Cost $29.95.

Switch to the Becoming Catholic Sacramental Program TODAY. Provide sacramental preparation and appreciation that will last a lifetime.

Parent's Guide

Becoming Catholic: A Parent’s Guide to Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist & Reconciliation

Provide parents with a valuable tool so that they can be fully involved in the religious development of their children and in their initiation into the Catholic faith.

The Parent’s Guide explains succinctly what the sacraments are, the changes associated with the sacraments since Vatican II, why they are such a time of excitement and importance.

Also included are explanations about the mass, definitions of important words and phrases and a number of everyday and important prayers.

Kathy Horan
9781922152008   $12.95   Sophia Member $10.36

Sacramental Workbooks for Children

Give sacramental candidates and their families the tools to celebrate the sacraments, to come together as a family unit and to fully realize their place as members of the Catholic community.  

Each sacrament is supported by a separate workbook. Structured to enable the candidate and family to work together, each workbook is divided into themes, each containing a meaningful Scripture passage, Family Reflection Time, Prayer Time and Activities for the whole family.

Eucharist: A Practical Guide for Families
9781922152022 RRP $11.95 Sophia Members $9.56

Reconciliation: A Practical Guide for Families
9781922152039 RRP $11.95 Sophia Members $9.56

Confirmation: A Practical Guide for Families
9781922152046 RRP $11.95 Sophia Members $9.56

Big Books

‘Wow’ your Classroom!
Grab and maintain your students’ attention as you assist them to prepare, celebrate and live the sacraments.
Commence Christian dialogue with young children.

Becoming Catholic: Reconciliation/Eucharist Big Book

Prepare children to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist by offering them the opportunity to explore Scripture and to take part in reflection act ivies
9781922152763 RRP $89.95 Sophia Members $71.96

Becoming Catholic: Baptism/Confirmation Big Book

Support children’s preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation by assisting them to understand the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation and what it means to receive them.
9781922152756 RRP $89.95 Sophia Members $71.96

Sacred Objects and Symbols

Delightfully explain the Catholic sacred objects and symbols with this visually stunning Big Book. Vibrant photographs and age appropriate words clearly describe the major objects and symbols used in the Mass and seen in church.
9781921946387 RRP $129.95 Sophia Members $103.96

Lesson Planning made easy: Bonus teacher resources come with all Big Books.

About the author


Kathy Horan

Kathy Horan has worked extensively in a range of leadership roles with Catholic Education in S.A. Kathy holds Masters Degrees in Theology and Educational Leadership. A focus of her work is family-based Catechizes, particularly in the area of sacramental preparation. She enjoys working with families and supporting adults in their ongoing faith formation and understanding of their primary role in sharing their faith with their children.